Drone sitting on roadway

drone on road

At Virginia Tech, we know that the UAS (or drone) industry is growing fast, and it's creating incredible educational, research, commercial, and recreational opportunities for faculty, students, and the broader campus community. We're commited to promoting those opportunities.  

UAS operation is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and state and local laws, and those rules apply on campus, too. But we also know that using drones on university property may pose specific risks to safety, security, and privacy.

That's why Virginia Tech has established a UAS Policy that enables drone operation on campus and university-controlled property. The policy helps further the use of drones for research, education, and recreation, while reducing risks to safety, security, privacy, and property.  The policy also enables compliance with federal and state legal obligations.

Anyone wishing to operate UAS on or with University property must be familiar with and follow the UAS Policy and the specific protocols that govern the type of operation they're interested in.

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