Drone sitting on roadway

drone on road

The fast-growing UAS industry is creating incredible educational, research, commercial, and recreational opportunities, many of which are especially valuable in the university environment. However, flying drones on unversity property introduces particular challenges for safety, security, and privacy.  

That's why Virginia Tech has established a UAS Policy to enable drone operation on campus and university-controlled property. The policy makes it possible for students, faculty, and others to take advantage of drones' potential for research, education, and recreation, while preserving the safe, secure campus environment we value. The policy also facilitates compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and state and local laws. 

Anyone wishing to operate UAS on or with University property must be familiar with and follow the UAS Policy and the specific protocols that govern the type of operation they're interested in.

The university has established protocols for:

We also have a collection of resources on drone regulations, training, and best practices, along with information about weather, airspace classification, aeronautical charts, and other topics useful to drone pilots at all levels. 

And if you don't see your situation covered on this site, just contact us! We can probably find a way to enable the operation you're planning, from small drone racing to large UAS development endeavors and everything in between. We can assist you with proposal development or protocol changes. 

Contact the UAS Safety Office at uassafety@vt.edu.