MAAP Team Coordinating

What can we do for you? We start with teaming discussions to understand your needs. Then, we:

Collaborate to solve your greatest technical challenges
MAAP combines unmatched flight testing and operations expertise with the intellectual resources of a top-50 research university, and leverages those dual strengths to tackle the most daunting technical challenges facing UAS integration. We partner closely with faculty members in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering and across the university, and have experience ranging from clean-sheet aircraft design to development of novel navigation and control algorithms.

Obtain operational approvals for challenging missions
With access to facilities across Virginia and along the east coast, MAAP can support operations that are beyond Part 107 or are particularly challenging, including:

-      Large UAS

-      Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)

-      Operations over people

-      Multiple aircraft control

-      Night-time operations

-      Urban, rural, and maritime environments

MAAP holds Certificates of Authorizations (COAs) for research and test activities with provisions beyond those allowed for civil operations. We also work with customers to obtain new COAs for unique missions that are often first of their kind. Let us know what kind of operational approval you need and we can discuss with you the best path forward.

Provide flight operations support
MAAP supports a broad range of flight operations. Our team has decades of experience operating both UAS and manned aircraft, and can use their extensive knowledge to support your operational needs. We can provide pilots, engineers, maintainers, observers, and safety officers to support almost any mission.    

Facilitate strategic partnerships
In our work across the unmanned systems industry, we often find that multiple parties have similar needs and complementary capabilities. MAAP can help connect you with strategic partners whose skills and interests can accelerate your company’s progress.

MAAP also has a track record of bringing together coalitions of industry members to engage collectively with the FAA and other government stakeholders. These groups are often able to obtain approvals more quickly than individual companies can on their own.   

Build safety cases for new missions beyond existing authorizations
MAAP excels at developing industry-leading safety cases for operations that extend beyond Part 107. Our staff has broken new ground in UAS type certification, Section 333 exemptions, and broad area COAs  — all pathways which require extensive, careful documentation to articulate a safety case beyond today's authorizations.   

Test and evaluate almost any type of unmanned system
MAAP has tested almost every type of UAS currently on the market, from quadcopters weighing a few ounces to some of the largest fixed-wing aircraft available. Our strategically located facilities enable a broad range of test scenarios, offering access to diverse geography and infrastructure from unimproved rural farms to urban areas. Mobile assets can also support testing at specific locations needed by the customer.