The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) is an FAA-selected UAS test site formed in 2013 as a collaboration between Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey. MAAP is led by Virginia Tech with a focus on progressively overcoming obstacles to move the unmanned aircraft systems industry forward at an accelerated pace. Here’s how we accomplish this:

1)    Connecting problems with solutions
MAAP accelerates the unmanned aircraft industry by connecting industry problems with solutions from innovative world-class research. We are able to leverage the tremendous research capability at multiple top research universities that are solving some of the hardest challenges faced by unmanned systems and connect these solutions with a myriad of industry problems. Additionally, the partnership employs world-class experts in unmanned aircraft technology who are innovating daily to solve operational challenges.

2)    Performing groundbreaking studies
MAAP works closely with regulating authorities and industry partners on groundbreaking studies that inform evidence-based policies and standards. As an FAA-selected UAS test site, we are able to connect our industry partners with the regulator to work together collaboratively in the development of safety cases and certification bases that establish precedent-setting foundations for expanded operations. MAAP is actively involved in the development of industry standards and we work closely with our industry partners to share lessons learned and best practices with multiple standards bodies.

3)    Enabling operations with tomorrow’s technology
Enabling safe and productive operations with tomorrow’s technology today requires innovative solutions combined with groundbreaking studies in a safe environment that facilitates efficient prototyping. MAAP brings all of these components together. That’s the value we provide for our customers:  we enable them to get from today’s reality to tomorrow’s possibilities more quickly than through any other means. That’s the future, faster.